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Get early signs of trouble and insights for better business decisions. Our real-time integration service helps you identify parameters vital to your business operations so you can take immediate action.

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Real-Time Data Integration Services Customized to your Needs

A customized real-time data system enables your organization to access accurate and up-to-date information for informed decision-making, improved efficiency, and a better user experience. We can offer a centralized, automated approach to data integration to overcome legacy systems and data silos, resulting in valuable insights and a competitive advantage to your competition. We also offer our real-time data integrations services in combination with our enterprise SCADA services.

Technology Agnostic

CSE ICON helps you choose the platform most relevant to your business environment and the technology you want to implement. Our unbiased consultations will guide you in the selection process and address all your questions.

At the same time as taking an agnostic approach to your solving your problems, we are also proud of our partnership with the leading software vendors in the real-time data market.

Canary Labs

We are proud to be an AVEVA Endorsed System Integrator for System Integrations! Amongst other things, we offer the following solution on the AVEVA® marketplace.


Get data across multiple systems and technologies in one place. With CSE ADaPT we synchronize real-time data across your ERP, SCADA, and EAM systems, allowing you to manage provisioning, maintenance, and operations from a central interface.

  • Stop worrying about manually sharing your data across systems
  • Avoid confusion about the accuracy of your data
  • Eliminate disaster recovery errors where your backup data is compromised
  • Get custom help according to your requirements, goals, and needs
  • Synchronize your systems and technologies so your data is always up-to-date and you have a single version of the “truth”
  • Automate the creation of PI tags and AF elements attributes in accordance with equipment changes

CSE ICON’s technical competencies include the entire suite of AVEVA PI System™ and Canary products and related systems like relational databases, Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and industry-specific software. Our resources are well-trained and carry accreditations such as the below from AVEVA.

AVEVA PI System Installation Specialist and Infrastructure Specialist

Start Collecting Critical Data and Making Timely Decisions

Implement Agile Decision-Making

Extracting the right data at the right time gives you the insights you need to make strategic business decisions faster. Using real-time data systems, you don’t have to wait for the information from the previous day to make an informed decision.

Get Rid of Informational Silos

Industry leaders share their data with all their departments. Why shouldn’t you? By making your data available to engineers, data analysts, and operators, you make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to proposing solutions.

Increase Security With Real-time Monitoring

The continuous monitoring of your critical operations ensures you prevent errors or malfunctions ahead of time. This allows you to send the staff with the right expertise to avoid random downtimes and save on operational costs.

Receive Notifications in Real-Time

Configure critical event triggers and get notifications in real-time. Even when you are not monitoring every single important parameter of your station/equipment, you will still get a quick notification if there are significant changes.

Generate Reports in No Time

Reporting is tedious and time-consuming. However, with our real-time manufacturing data collection, you can consolidate data from different data sources and generate a custom report. This report can be automatically sent to your email with the insights you need.

Integrate With Other Technologies

Get a custom real-time data solution that integrates with your existing tech stack. Changing the software you are used to so you can open the door to new technology opportunities isn’t a requisite.

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in moving forward with Real-time Data, we need a bit of data from you:


CSE ICON’s services provider has been a true team player. He has extensive knowledge about PI and explains PI technical topics in a way that is easy to understand. He has taken our validation/quality requirements very seriously since day one. It was clear to see the discipline he practiced while documenting test executions. And he’s very willing to explain all situations in detail, in order, and with the right level of knowledge. Our Quality representative has expressed her content with how clean the executed packages have been on her first review.

Sr. Manager, Computer Systems Validation

Leading Family-Owned Pharmaceutical Company

Additional Services for Your Real-Time Data Integration

  • Requirements Gathering and Documentation – interviewing stakeholders and documenting requirements
  • Technical Documentation – documenting design specifications and as-is deployments, including architecture drawings
  • System Installation, Configuration, Upgrades, and Migrations – getting systems up-and-running, configured, up-to-date, and/or moved. This includes migrations from one real-time data system to another
  • Health and Security – auditing and monitoring system health and security
  • Data Capture – gathering data using standard interfaces/connectors and non-standard, programmatic means (Python)
  • Data Extraction – exposing data to Business Intelligence (BI) tools, such as Spotfire and Power BI
  • Visualization and Reporting – designing displays and reports to monitor, report on, and manage operations
  • Programmatic Integration – integrating data from your real-time data system/data historian and third-party applications programmatically
  • Geographical Information System Integration – integrating real-time data with live weather, flood, fire, and other relevant data on a map
  • Standardization – standardizing software versions, software configuration, tag names, asset models, and asset templates
  • Data Contextualization – building asset models to contextualize real-time data and supplement it with asset metadata
  • Event Tracking & Notifications – tracking process conditions, such as outages, alarms, and product batches, and generating e-mail alerts based on these conditions
  • Custom Application Development – developing applications to meet specific user requirements not satisfied by commercial-off-the-shelf tools
  • Training – educating individuals and groups on the usage of tools, best practices, and the administration of real-time data systems / data historians

See Real-Time Data Integration Solutions We Have Implemented for Our Clients

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Collect, Store, and Analyze Your Data To Get Business Insights

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in moving forward with Real-time Data, we need a bit of data from you: