Realize Quick Wins.

Our engineers help you take the first step into the IIoT space and effectuate rapid wins using extremely detailed data. The availability of this data enables you to recognize inefficiencies and issues that may negatively affect your operations. 

Connect Everything.

CSE ICON provides a variety of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions and services. From adding wireless components to your equipment in the field to creating secure data streams to your servers and collecting real-time data, we believe we can help you accomplish your goals.

We Provide IIoT Infrastructure Services.

We provide the design, implementation, and support of IoT architecture from edge devices to intermediate brokers to end applications. If you’re looking to implement IIoT as part of an enterprise SCADA system and real-time data setup, we can help you tie everything together.

We Also Provide Cloud Infrastructure Services.

These services include:

  • Provisioning and Support of Cloud Infrastructure such as Azure, AWS and IBM SoftLayer
  • Provisioning and Support of SCADA, Historian, Database (In-memory/Disk-based/SQL/non-SQL),  or Analytics (Machine Learning/Statistical/Rule Based) Solutions on the Cloud Infrastructure

Connect it all

By connecting all of your equipment and gaining the ability to send and receive live data, you can truly begin to connect all the dots in your business.


What needs connecting?

Is it your edge devices? Or do you need help with your cloud infrastructure? IIoT is your future.