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CSE ICON is a US based operations technology solutions company providing technical services to oil and gas companies, utilities, and industrial companies. We are focused on assisting clients with solving their needs in managing their production and operational assets: to maximize awareness of operations, maximize the efficiency of engineers and analysts, and simplify the mechanics of data acquisition and data integration into the business.


CSE ICON provides innovative solutions and services across the operations technology spectrum that help our customers digitize their operations, manage their assets by exception, and in the process, get the biggest ROI possible out of their technology. ICON prides itself in using a systematic approach to implementing and integrating our customers’ operations technologies to ensure it is done in a secure and efficient manner.


CSE ICON works in close collaboration and coordination with its technology partners to stay up-to-date on new software developments, fine-tune existing solutions and develop new solutions for our customers, and participate together in industry events.

Enterprise SCADA

Let our experienced SCADA team help you safely and effectively monitor and control your production assets.

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Historians, Real-Time Data Infrastructure and Applications

Let our real-time data experts help you efficiently capture, store, and gain insights from your process data.

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Advanced Analytics group of CSE ICON. Let our data scientists mine your data for valuable insights that can be used to support your operational decisions.

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Mobile Solutions

Let us help you enable your mobile workforce.

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Communications and Networking + Cloud Infrastructure

Let our telecommunications and networking experts install, maintain, and secure your IT infrastructure.

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IoT/Big Data

Let our engineers help you take the first step into the IoT space and realize quick wins using the available data.

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Process Automation / PLC / HMI / Control Panels

Let our system integrators help you safely and securely automate your operations and realize efficiencies.

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Measurement & Production Volumes

Let our engineers help you integrate and streamline your measurement data to facilitate consistent and accurate reporting.

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Enterprise Applications Integration

Let our engineers help integrate your applications to streamline your workflows.

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Let our engineers help you understand and assess your risks by identifying threats and vulnerabilities that, if unaddressed, could negatively impact your compliance posture.

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News + Insights

CSE ICON becomes Ignition Premier Integrator
April 25, 2019
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April 8, 2019
CSE ICON becomes OSIsoft Select Tier Partner
September 7, 2018
Persistence Pays Off in Bringing IIoT to Oil Drilling
May 4, 2018

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