Our Innovators & Visionaries

In order to build a great company, you need strong leadership. This is what our company is built on – our leadership team is passionate, experienced, and committed to ensuring that our customers always come first. With their guidance, we are working to create a company culture that is second to none.

Vincent Witzel President

As President of CSE ICON, Vincent Witzel is responsible for managing operations together with other members of the company’s leadership team and overseeing the sales and administration teams. He strives to elevate the company’s position in the marketplace while providing an encouraging and inclusive environment so all team members feel empowered to do their best work. Vincent enjoys being able to apply his technical experience to an executive position in which he has frequent opportunities to engage with employees and customers.

Ira Ferguson, MBA VP of Sales

With over 27 years of experience in the industrial automation software and hardware spaces, Ira is a sales leader with a proven track record of driving revenue growth, customer success, and operational excellence. Ira has a strong background in strategic planning, process improvement, team leadership, and employee development as well as a certification in Challenger Sale Training. Ira’s mission is to leverage his expertise in software solutions and digital transformation to help clients achieve their goals and optimize their performance. He is a dynamic change agent who can devise innovative solutions to complex challenges and cultivate organizational success.

Gene Oon, MBA Practice Manager

A member of the CSE family of companies since 2006, Gene leads CSE ICON’s SCADA team. An engineer by trade, Gene possesses a wealth of hands-on technical experience with various enterprise SCADA platforms including CygNet and Ignition. Beyond his technical abilities, Gene is well-liked by his customers and employees alike and always brings a “can do” attitude to the table.

Aimée Larroque, MBA Finance & Administration Manager

Aimée is responsible for the management of CSE ICON’s business and financial team, serving as the company’s Finance and Administration Manager. In addition to overseeing and reporting on the financial health of the organization, Aimée also serves as the company’s Human Resource, Payroll, and Accounts Receivable manager. With over nine years at CSE ICON, Aimée continues to strive to streamline current processes and procedures and help foster a stable and thriving corporate culture.

Mike Thorwart, PhD Operational Excellence Manager

Mike is responsible for customer satisfaction, process improvements, and productivity. He has experience in a variety of industries and is known for establishing trusted advisory relationships with customers. Mike has a strong background leveraging data to transform processes and increase understanding of complex problems using modeling, analytics, data exploitation, neural networks, and data validation. He has a track record of implementing technology solutions that meet customer objectives and is committed to customers, their needs and their positive experience with CSE ICON.