OSIsoft announced it’ll retire and stop supporting some of its PI products by the end of 2023 and 2024. As a suite of software applications for almost everything related to collecting, migrating, and analyzing data in real-time, many companies that rely on these systems will have to look for alternative solutions or risk using systems that will be deemed obsolete.

What Products Will OSIsoft Discontinue and When?

Below is the list of products that OSIsoft will discontinue supporting by the end of 2024:

  • PI ProcessBook: A package in which users can create dynamic graphics using data from the PI system. This data can be obtained from many sources and helps companies interactively analyze data.
  • NOC and Managed PI: The managed PI solution collects inventory information about monitored points, helping the NOC (Network Operations Center) diagnose problems easily and help personnel troubleshoot.
  • PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS: An integration solution for displaying real-time data originating from PI within Esri ArcGIS.
  • PI ACE (Advanced Calculation Engine): Helps personnel calculate metrics using data in the PI system for different assets.

And these are the end-of-sales and support timelines provided by OSIsoft for each one of those products:

Product Name End of Sale Date End of Support Date Changes to Scope of Support
NOC and Managed PI Elapsed 12/31/2024 After 1/1/2023, automated NOC support* begins for customers who are no longer contractually licensed for NOC services.
PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS 9/2/2022 2/15/2024 If you have an Enterprise Agreement, the End of Support Date will occur 12 months post the end of your current Pricing Term.
PI ACE (Advanced Calculation Engine) Elapsed 12/31/2023 This product no longer receives security updates or fixes.
PI ProcessBook
PI ActiveView
PI BatchView
Elapsed 12/31/2024 After 12/31/2022, this product will no longer receive security updates or fixes.

(Source: https://customers.osisoft.com/s/knowledgearticle?knowledgeArticleUrl=000031802)

Why Are These Products Being Discontinued?

According to AVEVA, the company that has owned OSIsoft since 2021 will discontinue PI ProcessBook because its code base is outdated. The outdated code base became a concern during the pandemic when many companies migrated to remote work, and cybersecurity was a priority.

With this new challenge to regulate cybersecurity, OSIsoft released a new product called PI Vision. This product promises a highly secure system that will replace PI ProcessBook capabilities and add more functionality.

There hasn’t been an official notice on why the other products are being retired.

How Can CSE ICON Support You?

At CSE ICON, we understand how important it is to leverage secure technologies that are vendor-supported. Bearing in mind this announcement of discontinued products, we offer solutions to close this technology gap with:

  • Health monitoring solutions and on-call services for PI that effectively replace the NOC and Managed PI functions.
  • The PI Integrator for Business Analytics (OSIsoft’s recommended mechanism to replace the functionality of the PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS).
  • Asset Analytics and the AF SDK to replace the functionality of PI ACE.
  • PI Vision to replace the functionality of PI ProcessBook

Being an AVEVA Endorsed Partner for systems integration, CSE ICON has the knowledge to get the value you need out of your PI system. We’re solution-agnostic and asses each situation as it presents itself. Our impartiality helps us create and integrate a custom solution for you.

Are you still using these (soon-to-be) discontinued products? Send us a quick message at contact@cse-icon.com or fill out the form below and let us know if you have any questions. Get ready to upgrade your systems!

Stay functional.

For more information on how CSE ICON’s can help you manage the transition from discontinued PI related products, contact us today.

*Customers on automated NOC support will receive automated emails about their alarms and alerts. There will be no initial phone call correspondence or unattended remote access. Customers can still call in and reference their alarm information to receive technical support.