Giving businesses access to advanced digital solutions

As part of our mission to help organizations integrate and optimize the best digital solutions for their businesses, CSE ICON is proud to partner with AVEVA. We collaborate closely with our technology partners so that we can refine solutions to help your business get the most out of its digital tools, and AVEVA is one of our core technology partners.

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, AVEVA operates across 40 countries as a global leader in innovative industrial software. Its solutions combine artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight to help companies and organizations boost operational efficiency and drive more value while working toward a more sustainable future.

Our endorsement from AVEVA

CSE ICON has been recognized as an AVEVA System Integrator (SI) since 2013, making us a key partner in delivering AVEVA solutions to help our customers embrace digital transformation. This certification connects us with the AVEVA Partner Network, allowing us to share resources with more than 4,500 SI companies and 5,700+ certified developers, expanding the ways in which we can serve our customers. We have now been elevated to the prestigious, invitation-only partnership tier of Endorsed SI, making us a premier business partner in the AVEVA Partner Network and giving us access to exclusive knowledge-exchange activities and collaboration with an elite group of innovative companies.

AVEVA solutions we deploy

Our focus on operational efficiency through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and data visualization makes AVEVA™ System Platform (formerly Wonderware) and AVEVA™ (formerly OSIsoft) PI System perfect solutions to support our customers’ journeys toward centralized, contextualized data.

AVEVA System Platform helps unify people, processes, and assets across all facilities within an organization. By integrating SCADA and IIoT applications across the enterprise, System Platform:

  • Empowers operators through situational awareness
  • Supports productivity with intelligent alarm systems
  • Establishes a system of record through AVEVA Historian
  • Captures all types of data on time, even if system clocks are mismatched
  • Analyzes complex trends in historical data to identify opportunities for better efficiency

AVEVA PI System collects, enhances, and delivers data in real time across your enterprise network from edge to cloud. With 75% of the world’s crude oil, natural gas, and liquids production, 1,000+ power utilities, and 25 top pharmaceutical companies using PI System to optimize operation, its powerful capabilities are clear. PI System can help your organization:

  • Collect and analyze data on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud
  • Establish a system of record for consistent decision-making
  • Contextualize data without programming
  • Enable visualization of real-time data

A transformative combination

By helping our customers deploy and optimize these solutions, CSE ICON is not only giving your organization the tools to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, but also taking advantage of an elite network of expertise. AVEVA’s solutions work across numerous sectors to build a more sustainable future for industry and for the people it serves. By aligning with a leading innovator, CSE ICON is extending these capabilities even further, working with your business to transform and unify the way operations run—making you more efficient internally and more competitive in the marketplace.