Inductive Automation’s ICC 2023 surpassed all expectations, offering an unparalleled blend of industry insights, collaborative spirit, and groundbreaking updates. As we look back on this event, it’s clear that it was more than just a trade show—it was an experience that redefined industry norms.

Discover some of the insights our team at CSE ICON gained from some of the guests.

Different Perspectives and a Diverse Mix

One of our experienced salespeople who was present at the ICC 2023 mentioned how unique the mix of attendees was. He emphasized that the event centered on teamwork in tackling issues that affect the entire business.

Later in the week, the soft-sell of Ignition took center stage, but what really made this event unique was the makeup of attendees:

  • 25% end-users spanning multiple industries
  • 25% Inductive Automation employees
  • 50% integrators

Among the end-users present, the Oil & Gas sector was well represented. This diverse mix of industries fostered a dynamic environment for discussions that delved deep into sector-specific challenges and opportunities.

Innovations That Caught Our Eye

One of our Senior Systems Engineers, reflecting on ICC 2023, highlighted some key innovations that are set to revolutionize our industry:

  • Multi-Tenant Licensing: The introduction of multi-tenant licensing opens up new horizons for cloud-based architecture. Previously constrained by licensing, this development promises to revolutionize the way we can approach cloud solutions.
  • Ignition Edge Licensing Simplification: The simplification of Edge licenses is a game-changer. The previous complexity hindered adoption for many customers. This revamped licensing scheme not only streamlines the process but also offers a more cost-effective solution, aligning perfectly with our customer-centric approach.
  • NoSQL Database Modules: Inductive Automation’s development team is pioneering NoSQL database integration into the Ignition platform. With a MongoDB module already released and others in the pipeline, this development promises to unlock new possibilities in data management.

Conclusion: Elevating to Innovate

Inductive Automation’s ICC 2023 was a milestone event, underscoring the company’s commitment to collaborative problem-solving and innovation. With a diverse mix of attendees and groundbreaking product updates, the event provided a glimpse into the future of our industry.

Moreover, CSE ICON’s dedication to the Ignition platform as a Premier Partner is a testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence. As we move forward, we’re excited to incorporate these innovations into our solutions, propelling us to new heights of excellence. For a detailed recap of ICC 2023, you can also check out Inductive Automation’s official blog post.

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