Innovators. Visionaries. Ignition enthusiasts. We’re thrilled to share that CSE ICON has emerged as one of the 33 finalists selected to participate in the first round of the highly anticipated 2023 Build-A-Thon challenge 

CSE ICON is a proud Ignition Premier Integrator. So, this recognition is a great chance to show our passion for innovation and creativity. By competing and aiming to develop groundbreaking Ignition solutions at the Ignition Community Conference (ICC), we’ll show our commitment to excellence.

From Dreamers to Innovators: The Build-A-Thon Competition

The Build-A-Thon is a competition leveraging the Ignition software hosted by Inductive Automation which culminates in a showdown at the ICC.

This year’s path to the ICC entails a single challenge for the 33 finalists. Only the first two teams to conquer this challenge will advance and get an invitation to compete in the final round of the Build-A-Thon. This challenge is designed to test the team’s technical acumen, problem-solving prowess, and understanding of the Ignition platform.

The challenge will take place on July 18th over various time zones as competitors range geographically from Australia to South America.

Where Ideas Ignite: The Ignition Community Conference

The ICC is an annual event organized by Inductive Automation. Experts, system integrators, developers, and Ignition users join this event to learn and share about their industrial operations.

In this three-day event, you’ll have the chance to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Attendees can participate in keynote presentations, informative sessions, workshops, and discussions by industry leaders.

Not only that, but Inductive Automation also hosts the Ignition Exchange challenge. This is more of a collaborative repository of Ignition resources to help the community. You can download these resources or collaborate with other organizations to build packages that will help your development.

By attending the ICC, we aim to learn more about the latest technologies and industry topics. This knowledge will allow us to deliver exceptional services tailored to your needs. And, if we have the privilege of being chosen as one of the two finalist teams, we’ll do our best to emerge victorious.

Save the Date: Timeline

In a streamlined format this year, the Build-A-Thon presents a single challenge to select the two teams that will face off at the ICC. The timeline for the competition is as follows:

  • July 18th: Challenge with 33 competitors to determine the two finalists
  • September 26th: Day one of the ICC. An immersive gathering of industry leaders and enthusiasts
  • September 27th: Day two of the ICC. Insightful sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities
  • September 28th: Day three of the ICC (Build-A-Thon face-off!)

Mark these dates on your calendar and witness the groundbreaking innovations that unfold in the Build-A-Thon at the ICC.

Join the Journey: Supporting CSE ICON!

We invite you to be part of the ICC and join CSE ICON’s journey. You can attend the event in person to immerse yourself and talk to industry experts. Or, if you prefer you can watch the live-stream event (YouTube on July 18 at 1 PM PDT).

No matter which option you choose, your presence and support will make a significant impact. Register here and join us as we celebrate innovation, exchange ideas, and shape the future of industrial automation at the ICC.

Note: Please make sure you follow any health and safety guidelines provided by the event organizers for in-person attendance.