Cutover 42 sites and 9 central delivery points (CDP) without any impact to Producers. On time, under budget.

The Client

Whiptail Midstream is an energetic and innovative company with extensive experience throughout the midstream value chain.

The Need

  • Zero Downtime, Zero Interruptions
  • Panel Design, Build and Implement
  • Complete SCADA Platform
  • Wireless Ethernet Infrastructure
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Architecture
  • Parallel Measurement Configuration
  • API 21.1 Compliant Measurement System

The Solution

Whiptail Midstream and CSE ICON executed a seamless, no downtime implementation consisting of Azure Cloud Architecture, Automation & Control, and an Enterprise SCADA platform.

1 Cloud Architecture

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform provides high accessibility and reliability. By leveraging Microsoft RD Web Access, CSE was able to realize trouble-free deployments of client applications to end-users.

2 Automation & Control

UL Listed panels were designed and built with the Operator in mind; providing an increase in accessibility and usability. Parallel measurement over Modbus meant no downtime to active Producers. Communication is provided via licensed narrow band Ethernet meaning reduced costs and less interference.

3 Enterprise SCADA

Coupling Weatherford’s CygNet® Enterprise SCADA platform with Emerson ROC RTUs provides end-to-end visibility and control over Whiptail’s entire operation. Additional integration with PGAS provides Whiptail with API 21.1 compliant measurement data.


CSE ICON is not just an integrator, they are our partner. Our success in the past, and in the future, depends on partners like them.


Ernie Johnson

Director – Risk & Engineering Services

The Benefit

Whiptail Midstream has a highly accessible, reliable and modular platform that positions the company for seamless future expansions for years to come.

  • Complete automation of assets.
  • Visibility from end-to-end of entire midstream operation.
  • Reduction in communication costs and unwanted interference.
  • Increased reliability and accessibility was realized through the use of Azure’s Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Zero impact, Zero interruptions to active and future producers.
  • Improved accessibility due to new panel designs and new placements assisting operators in all-weather conditions.

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