CSE ICON’s real-time data practice helps companies architect, implement, and support their real-time data infrastructure (specifically, data historians). To leverage and get the most value out of this infrastructure, CSE ICON assists its clients in constructing use cases and developing solutions for these use cases to make an impact to the business and its bottom line.

Our solutions include:

  • Automated synchronization of real-time data and third-party systems, such as ERP, SCADA, and EAM systems using CSE ADaPT, as shown on the OSIsoft® Marketplace
  • Forecasting oil, gas, and water production for existing and new wells using CSE ProdCast, as shown on the OSIsoft® Marketplace
  • Condition Based Maintenance, including proactive alerts, post event analysis, and automated work order generation in asset management systems
  • Automated, standards-based calculations for monitoring and optimizing operations, such as:
    • Voidage replacement and flux calculations to ensure efficient offshore oil and gas production operations and prevent costly, unexpected shutdowns
    • Pump and motor performance calculations to predict utility bills and minimize the cost of drag reducing agents for pipelines
    • Critical velocity calculations to optimize gas lift on oil wells
  • Automatically generated and delivered equipment and operations reports that minimize tedious, repetitive tasks

Our services include:

  • Requirements Gathering and Documentation – interviewing stakeholders and documenting requirements
  • Technical Documentation – documenting design specifications and as-is deployments, incl. architecture drawings
  • System Installation, Configuration, Upgrades, and Migrations – getting systems up-and-running, configured, up-to-date, and/or moved, including migrations from one real-time data system to another
  • Health and Security – auditing and monitoring system health and security
  • Data Capture – gathering data using standard interfaces/connectors and non-standard, programmatic means, such as Python
  • Data Extraction – exposing data to Business Intelligence (BI) tools, such as Spotfire and Power BI
  • Visualization and Reporting – designing displays and reports to monitor, report on, and manage operations
  • Programmatic Integration – integrating data from your real-time data system / data historian and third-party applications programmatically
  • Geographical Information System Integration – integrating real-time data with live weather, flood, fire, and other relevant data on a map
  • Standardization – standardizing software versions, software configuration, tag names, asset models, and asset templates
  • Data Contextualization – building asset models to contextualize real-time data and supplement it with asset metadata
  • Event Tracking & Notifications – tracking process conditions, such as outages, alarms, and product batches, and generating e-mail alerts based on these conditions
  • Custom Application Development – developing applications to meet specific user requirements not satisfied by commercial-off-the-shelf tools
  • Training – educating individuals and groups on the usage of tools, best practices, and the administration of real-time data systems / data historians

CSE ICON is proud to be a Premier Partner – the highest partnership tier – of OSIsoft®, the makers of the PI System®. We regularly present at the OSIsoft Users Conference (“PI World”) together with our customers (see the following links for our presentation in 20152016, 2017, and 2020). Our real-time data resources are generally accredited by OSIsoft®, either as PI System Infrastructure Specialists, PI System Installation Specialists, or both, actively work with OSIsoft® developers in testing new technologies, such as the PI Connectors for Wonderware and CygNet, have an average of 12+ years of experience working with historians, and are experts in best practices for the PI System®. We also have resources experienced with other historians, including GE Proficy, CanaryLabs, and SCADA-based historians, such as Wonderware Historian.

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