CSE ICON has expertise in various hydrocarbon production accounting systems. Our systems consultants have extensive experience in implementing P2’s Merrick Suite (eVIN, ProCount and Carte) and database technologies such as Microsoft SQL server and Oracle database server. Our functional consultants have hands-on experience managing hydrocarbon accounting functions of an upstream oil and gas operator. They understand end-to-end processes from field data capture through production accounting reporting including regulatory and partner reporting.

Measurement and Production Volumes Services

  • Hydrocarbon production accounting solution implementation & support
    • Configuration / reconfiguration of objects (Wells, Meters, Tanks, Gathering Systems, Allocation Methodology etc.)
    • Downtime clean-up
    • Load historical data
  • Data conversion from legacy systems
  • SCADA – hydrocarbon accounting solution integration interface implementation
  • Managed Services – on-demand 24/7 support for Hydrocarbon Accounting Solution Administration and application maintenance
  • Custom report development using MS SSRS and SQL Server Support
  • Hydrocarbon accounting and allocation process improvement – streamline your processes for:
    • Field Data Collection
    • Daily & Monthly Allocation
    • Network Setup
    • Regulatory Reporting
    • Contract Compliance
  • Training – Field users/ operations data entry training.

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