CSE ICON implements and supports our customers’ real-time data infrastructure and data historians. To leverage and get the most value out of these, we help our customers in constructing use cases and developing solutions for these use cases in a way that makes an impact to the business and its bottom line.

CSE ICON is a partner of OSIsoft, the makers of the PI Data Historian. We regularly present at the OSIsoft User Conferences together with our customers (presentation at OSIsoft User Conference 2015OSIsoft User Conference 2016 and OSIsoft User Conference 2017). Our data historian resources are accredited by OSIsoft, either as PI System Infrastructure Specialists, PI System Installation Specialists, or both, actively work with OSIsoft developers in testing new technologies, such as the Wonderware and CygNet Connectors, and have an average of 11 years of experience working with historians and are experts in OSIsoft’s best practices. We also have resources experienced with other historians, including GE Proficy, Canary Labs, and SCADA-based historians, such as Wonderware Historian.

Leveraging these expertise, we have developed a wide variety of solutions for our customers, including:

  • Performance management of manufacturing assets
  • Condition Based Maintenance, including automatic work order generation
  • Gas lift optimization that facilitates managing oil and gas wells by exception
  • Standardized engineering calculations, such as voidage replacement and flux calculations to ensure efficient offshore oil and gas production operations and prevent costly, unexpected shutdowns
  • Monitoring IT assets to ensure system stability
  • Report automation to minimize tedious, repetitive tasks
  • Energy management to predict the cost of utility bills and minimize the cost of drag reducing agents for pipelines
  • Integration with business intelligence tools, geographical information systems, production accounting software, and other third-party tools to facilitate data analysis in other business information systems

Our services include:

  • System installation, configuration, migration, and upgrades
  • System integration for data capture using interfaces and connectors, including complex data capture from non-standard data sources (e.g., REST endpoints)
  • System integration for data extraction using integrators and data access tools (e.g., integration with geographical information systems and business intelligence tools and data extraction using SQL Server Integration Services leveraging OLEDB)
  • Asset Framework (AF) model build-out
  • Analytics implementation (AF and ACE)
  • Notification and Event Frame configuration (e.g., tracking of outages and downtimes)
  • Custom PI- and AF-SDK application development
  • System and security audits/analysis to ensure adherence to best practices and the health of the system
  • Use case requirements gathering and implementation
  • System documentation and architecture drawings
  • Assistance with standardization of tag names, asset frameworks, and displays
  • User training

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